Donation for the endangered orcas

Since February of this year I have started selling my jewelry. Here online to start with and now in person as well at the local market where I live. 

Thanks to your purchases I have been able to donate a total of $135 to SacredSea.

Sacred Sea is a non profit organization, in Washington State, led by the Lummi nation. In the Lummi language, the therm for killer whales is  Qwe ‘lhol mechen, meaning “our relations below the waves.”

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest I have come to realize that the lives of orcas are under threat. In the 1970's the population of orcas has been violently taken apart. Young orcas had been stolen from their families to be taken captive in sea aquariums around the world. Purely for the entertainment of the public. The sad thing is that I loved going to these aquariums when I was young, little did I know..


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